Could You Live by Auctions Alone?

Published on August 27th, 2012

Do you remember a few years ago when someone tried to prove that it was possible to live by the internet alone and not go outside of the house at all?

This seems pretty tame stuff these days to be honest. We all know that you can buy whatever you need online and have it delivered to your home pretty quickly as well. What I would like to test is whether you could live by online auctions alone.

This sounds like a far more exciting thing to try out and a more demanding challenge, so let’s see whether you can buy everything you need this way now.

Get the Basics First

If you aren’t going to leave the house you will need a house to start with. Thankfully, you can buy one of these on an internet auction. Of course, you can now access the internet from anywhere you want to, so maybe you could buy a car and live in it while you are hooked up to your favourite auctions. It might not be quite as comfortable for sleeping in but at least you could change the view now and then.

Food and Drink Needed

This sounds like a bit of an unusual subject for internet auctions but I discovered pretty quickly that you can definitely buy wine this way. Wine is meant to be good for you but I wouldn’t want to use it as the basis of my diet, so it was time to look for something else. It seems that the most popular type of food auction is when there is a big batch of groceries which are either nearing their end date or are in some way damaged. If I can find something I like then I don’t mind eating the same thing every single day until it runs out. To prove it, I once had a pretty serious lasagne habit and discovered that I can have it for dinner as often as I like without losing interest in it.

Other Stuff

Now that we somewhere to stay and something to eat and drink what else do we need to put a bid in for? The good news is that you can find auctions on the go for just about every type of product and service these days. Whether you need a plumber, want to buy a pig or fancy a new table, you can find it all online and have some fun trying to get the items which you most like the look of.

If you want to give your customers the chance to enjoy buying from you then you will want to look into using the latest online auction software and services. The best ones make life easier for you and for you your clients as well.

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