Post Covid lockdown bounce

Published on February 8th, 2022

If Covid-19 proved anything, it was that companies with an effective web strategy continued to flourish. More than ever, sellers and consumers are interacting online.

This will continue more than ever in 2022 and 2023 thanks to the post-Covid Lockdown Bounce.

The internet is a moving target. Every company must regularly review to be up to date online.

Below are some basic questions you should be asking if you want a bigger slice of the online revenue stream this post covid bounce is bringing business ?

It’s 2022 and the post covid lockdown bounce is in full swing

If Covid-19 demonstrated one thing, it was businesses with a well defined and executed online strategy continued to succeed.  Sellers and buyers now connect more than ever online.

With the post covid lockdown bounce this will continue more than ever in 2022 and 2023.
Nothing stands still on the internet. Every organisation needs to continually review to stay current online.

Below are some basic questions you should be asking if you want a bigger slice of the online revenue stream this post covid bounce is bringing business ?

1, How does our organisation appear online. ie: is our website up to date?

1,A Are you using newer web technologies like a well designed video homepage for your website?

2, What do our website analytics tell us? ie: who, what and how are people getting to our website? And what are they looking for?

2,A Do you have Google analytics installed on your website and do you look at the date?

3, Are the search engines bringing back enough organic visitors to our website.

3, A Are we adding fresh relevant content to our website?

4, Is our social media strategy up to date?

4,A Do you make regular posts into your company facebook page or add interesting pictures into instagram?

5, How can we automate more of our business functions online?

5,A Do you have multiple critical online systems not talking to each other meaning a lot of manual labour is needed moving data between these IT and web systems?

If you have read this post this far,  then this is where webtron can help! Your business benefit greatly.

Make a booking for an online web consultation and we will tell you how we can help. Best business meeting you are likely to ever have!

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