Why Use a Standing Desk at Work?

Published on October 8th, 2015

Webtron and Varidesk co-featured in the Moorabbin Kingston Leader - Webtron's local newspaper - promoting the health benefits of standing at work

Webtron and Varidesk co-featured in the Moorabbin Kingston Leader – Webtron’s local newspaper – promoting the health benefits of standing at work


Sitting at Work

Cast your minds back to early last week. You may remember that Webtron was featured in our local newspaper, promoting the health benefits of standing desks. 

Not all of us at Webtron have graduated to standing desks, but it’s definitely a key trend that is taking over our workplace, one employee at a time. Webtron bought our third VARIdesk today. Why? Because after the numerous chiropractic appointments and the backaches from slumping in front of our computers all day, we eventually start to wonder why sitting is so embedded into our work culture – it’s plain obvious that our bodies weren’t made to withstand it. 

JustStand.org: Understanding the problem

According to juststand.org,  Americans spend an astounding twenty-one hours in a seated or resting position. This leaves a mere three hours of the day to be ‘active.’

These 21 inactive hours may be made up of anything from:

  • sleeping
  • sitting at work (7.5 hours on average)
  • watching TV
  • leisure time, i.e. reading a book
  • sitting on a computer
  • eating

So unless you have an active job, as a retail assistant or a labourer, where you’re on your feet for most of your shift, chances are that you spend a lot of time sitting down. And it’s not doing you any good.

And whilst those with the standing desks get to stand proud and tall, peering over our desks from day-to-day at the Webtron office, we can’t help but wonder why more people haven’t taken a stand yet (pun intended).

The solution? Varidesk 

We admire the fact that VARIDESK has taken something so simple, such as standing, and made an amazing innovation out of it. After all, we do spend most of our days working away at our desks, why shouldn’t we spend that time doing something that is good for us?

Take a look at this quick infographic below – it’s an eye-opener, that’s for sure:


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