Become an Authority within Your Circles

Published on August 18th, 2012

Become an authority within your circles

Over the last couple of years I have been aiming to become an authority in my industry. For several months I worked mainly focusing on my blog posts. I used these to show I was kept updated with the latest trends and had a valuable opinion and insight that could be of interest to anyone looking to understand more and use my knowledge to improve their own skills or business.

Over time I managed to build a good following, however I reached a point where I was unable to push further. I needed to find a new approach which would help me to progress. I wanted to become even more well-known and of course was hoping to further develop my business. One platform that was really taking off at that time was video marketing, and this is an area which has continued to thrive and appears to be growing and growing in importance.

You Need Skills to Create Quality Videos – My Skills Were Lacking

Creating videos takes a lot of work. You need to come up with an idea, and a script find someone to represent you on film if necessary. And that’s all before you think about the technical sides of things. Despite my lack of knowledge I knew if I wanted to keep up with my competitors this was an area which simply couldn’t be ignored.

I remember trying to create my first video and it was a disaster. Not only was I stuttering all over the place had technical problems with the live streaming. I am the first to admit it looked shabby and unprofessional. We all have to start somewhere though and my early experiences were not enough to take my eye off the target. I ended up contacting the excellent team at Webtron who could help me to complete my streaming broadcasts without any problems. The difference in quality and professionalism was very apparent.

My Audience has Increased and my Business has Grown

Thanks to the help of those individuals I gradually grew in confidence. And I was able to come up with fresh ideas on a regular basis. I used my blog and social networking platforms to advertise. And of course, I made sure that my mailing lists were updated constantly. I started off providing the broadcasts for free. I still do free ‘episodes’ if you will, however I now charge for some of the more specialist topics which have become a huge benefit to my company. We have managed to grow steadily thanks to blogs. And as soon as the broadcasts began taking off the difference has been extremely significant.

Webcasts are an extremely effective and affordable marketing tool. Create your online broadcasts through professionals with the skills and technology to help you succeed.

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